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While the idea is simple, we know first hand how intimidating it can be to attempt to build out your own wiring harness, especially when you’re swapping engines or you’ve made custom upgrades to your motor. There are a lot of questions like, “which plugs do I need?”, “where can I get them?” “where do I find wiring schematics for this?” “which wire goes to what pin?”, which is why we came up with the IKEA analogy. Say you’re a pretty handy person around the house, but you need a new entertainment center for your living room. You probably wouldn’t have a quality piece of work if you attempted to build one on your own. But, if you were given the materials, and easy to use step by step instructions, you’d have a nice new entertainment center in an hour or so. 

We’ve used the same concept to simplify custom wiring harnesses for your engine. By creating software that recognizes your engine’s specs, and intuitively assigns all the necessary plugs, pins, wiring and pin placement based on whatever customization you’ve done, we’re able to send you everything needed to have the same wiring kit you’d get if you ordered one from a pro shop. (We know, because we work with a lot of them too!) Including easy to read step by step instructions, color coded wiring and labeling for an even easier experience! And, for those that really don’t want to see how easy it is, don’t worry! For a little more, we can assemble everything for you and deliver a full plug and play solution. 

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