We believe in a higher "standard"

Aside from the frustration of trying to build our own wiring harnesses, one of the largest driving factors that led to the creation of DIY Auto Spec was seeing what the marketplace had to offer in terms of a "custom" harness. What we found, is sadly what most everyone does. A hobbled together kit, that's been "mashed" together using old parts that usually requires you to send in your OE harness, especially if you're doing an engine swap. Most of the time those older harnesses are corroded and worn which can compromise the connections, and ultimately performance. 

We believe this is simply a poor practice in general, which is why all our kits (both DIY and PnP) are built with new plugs, pins, wire...everything. But, we also take it a few steps further, and still manage to do so for less than what you'd expect to pay. Take a look at how we go above and beyond below, and you'll see why it's not just individuals that choose us, but so many pro tuner shops as well!

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