Wiring: Our Core

At the very heart of our business, our choice for wiring was of the utmost importance to us. Most everyone that builds custom wiring harnesses utilizes the standard automotive grade wiring which is either TXL, or GXL. Both of these are made of a copper wire that has been insulated with crosslinked polyethylene, which is what gives them their 125°C temerature rating. These are the standard that the auto manufacturers use at the factory. There’s very little difference between these other than the thickness of the insulation, and the cost.

Both TXL and GXL wire are rated under SAE J1128 for temperature up to 125°C (257°F) for general circuit wiring. In general, this is a much tougher and more temperature resistant wire, and its not usually available at your local retail auto parts store.

That is the standard of wire that the automotive industry uses, and what you would expect to see, and would see in most custom harness kits. But we wanted to do better for you, which is why we've standardized all the wire we use in our kits with MIL-Spec-22759 wiring.  

Built in strict accordance with military specifications, the MIL-W-22759 specification is used throughout the military, aerospace, and defense industries. Specifically, this designation covers high-performance wires that meet requirements for small dimensions, high-temperature resistance, low weight and low flame propagation. These copper wires are manufactured with either a tin, silver, or nickle coating to eliminate potential corroding, and are heavily insulated to be capable of operating in extreme temperature ranges from -55°C to 260°C (-67°F to 500°F).  Click below for a breakout comparison chart to see the differences in more detail.

We chose to standardize on this much higher grade material to ensure that the product you receive from us is of the highest quality, and is able to perform for you no matter the environment or design.

Wiring Comparison
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